Feb 17, 2023

Birds multiplex spectral and temporal visual information via retinal On- and Off-channels

Seifert M§, Roberts PA, Kafetzis G, Osorio D§, Baden T$
BioRxiv 10.1101/2022.10.20.513047.


Feb 17, 2023

Amacrine cells differentially balance zebrafish colour circuits in the central and peripheral retina

Wang X§, Roberts PA, Yoshimatsu T, Lagnado L*§, Baden T*$
Cell reports 42:112055


August 5, 2022

Center-surround interactions underlie bipolar cell motion sensitivity in the mouse retina

Strauss S*, Korympidou MM*, Ran Y, Franke K, Schubert S, Baden T, Berens P, Euler T#, Vlasits AL#
Nature Communications, coming soon.


Sept 9, 2021

Spectral Inference reveals principal cone-integration rules of the zebrafish inner retina.

Bartel P, Yoshimatsu T, Janiak FK, Baden T$

Current Biology 31 1-13


July 17, 2021

Ancestral circuits for vertebrate colour vision emerge at the first retinal synapse

Yoshimatsu T, Bartel P, Schroeder C, Janiak FK, St-Pierre F, Berens P, Baden T$

Science Advances 7(24):eabj6815


July 17, 2021

Distinct Synaptic Transfer Functions in Same-Type Photoreceptors

Schroeder C, Oesterle J, Berens P*, Yoshimatsu T*, Baden T*$
eLife 2021; 10:e67851.


January 1, 2021

Colourfulness as a possible measure of object proximity in the larval zebrafish brain

Bartel P, Janiak FK, Osorio D, Baden T$

Current Biology 31(5): R235-6.


April 7, 2020

Neural circuits in the mouse retina support color vision in the upper visual field

Szatko KP#, Korympidou MM#, Ran Y, Berens P, Dalkara D, Schubert S, Euler T, Franke K*
BioRxiv 10.1101/745539.
#These authors contributed equally to this work;
*Senior author and correspondence


February 12, 2020

Type-specific dendritic integration in mouse retinal ganglion cells

Yanli Ran1,2,7, Ziwei Huang1,2,7, Tom Baden1,4, Timm Schubert1,2, Harald Baayen5, Philipp Berens1-3,6,#, Katrin Franke1-3,#, Thomas Euler1-3,#,*
Nature Communications, accepted.
7These authors contributed equally to this work; #Senior authors, *Correspondence


February 1, 2020

What the Zebrafish’s Eye tells the Zebrafish’s Brain: Retinal Ganglion Cells for Prey Capture and Colour Vision.

Mingyi Zhou*, John Bear*, Paul A Roberts, Filip K Janiak, Julie Semmelhack, Takeshi Yoshimatsu, Tom Baden$
Current Biology 30, 2927-2942.
*authors contributed equally, $correspondence


September 18, 2019

Fovea-like Photoreceptor Specializations Underlie Single UV-Cone Driven Prey Capture Behaviour in Zebrafish

Takeshi Yoshimatsu$, Cornelius Schroeder, Noora E Nevala, Philipp Berens, Tom Baden$
Neuron (107):1-18


January 17, 2019

Mouse dLGN receives functional input from a diverse population of retinal ganglion cells with limited convergence.

Miroslav Román Rosón*, Yannik Bauer*, Ann H. Kotkat, Philipp Berens#, Thomas Euler#, Laura Busse# (2019)
Neuron 10.1016/j.neuron.2019.01.040.
*authors contributed equally, #co-senior authors

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April 21, 2018

Zebrafish differentially process colour across visual space to match natural scenes.

Zimmermann MJY*, Nevala NE*, Yoshimatsu T*, Osorio D, Nilsson DE, Berens P, Baden T (2018)
Current Biology 28(1-15)..
*authors contributed equally

  • 2-photon data
  • Natural imaging data
    Note: this data set is linked to a method paper describing the hyperspectral scanning approach in more detail which currently in preparation (Nevala and Baden, in prep.). The database contains all scans used in the Current Biology paper, but in addition comprises scans from other (terrestrial) scenes. The method paper will be uploaded to bioRxiv shortly. In addition, Supplementary Data S1 from the Current Biology paper summaries all underwater scans used in this paper.

March 21, 2018

A Tale of Two Retinal Domains: Near Optimal Sampling of Achromatic Contrasts in Natural Scenes Through Asymmetric Photoreceptor Distribution.

Baden T*, Schubert T*, Chang L, Wei T, Zaichuk M, Wissinger B, Euler T (2013)
Neuron 80(5):1206-1217,
*authors contributed equally

The corresponding dataset contains spectral image data of an early spring daytime forest scene recorded using a ‘‘hyperspectral scanner’’. For details, see publication.


November 23, 2017

Local signals in mouse horizontal cell dendrites

Chapot CA, Behrens C, Rogerson LE, Baden T, Pop S, Berens P, Euler T#, Schubert T# (2017).
Local signals in mouse horizontal cell dendrites.
Curr Biol 10.1016/j.cub.2017.10.050.
#corresponding authors


January 21, 2017

Inhibition decorrelates visual feature representations in the inner retina

Franke K*, Berens P*, Schubert T, Bethge M, Euler T#, Baden T# (2017).
Inhibition decorrelates visual feature representations in the inner retina.
Nature 10.1038/nature21394.
*authors contributed equally, #corresponding authors

The corresponding dataset contains light-evoked bipolar cell signals from 13,311 regions-of-interest (ROIs, corresponding to individual axon terminals) recorded from the mouse retina. The data were obtained by two-photon glutamate imaging employing the genetically-encoded glutamate sensor iGluSFR and a standardized set of stimuli (see publication for details).

Brief instructions
  1. Download the dataset (10.5061/dryad.rs2qp) from datadryad.org
  2. Run script.

January 21, 2016

The functional diversity of retinal ganglion cells in the mouse

Baden T*, Berens P*, Franke K*, Román Rosón M, Bethge M, & Euler T# (2016).
The functional diversity of retinal ganglion cells in the mouse.
Nature 10.1038/nature16468.
*authors contributed equally, #corresponding author

The corresponding dataset contains recordings of 11,210 retinal ganglion cells from the mouse retina obtained by two-photon calcium imaging with the synthetic calcium indicator OGB-1 to a standardized set of stimuli (see publication for details). In addition, the dataset contains morphological, genetic and immunohistochemical metadata, where available.

Brief instructions
  1. Download the dataset (doi:10.5061/dryad.d9v38) from datadryad.org
  2. Load the data into MATLAB using:
    data = load(‘filename.mat’);
  3. Call plotOverview(data) to create an overview plot over all groups and plotStamp(data,5) to create an overview for a single group (here, for example, group 5).